So I left you in suspense on where I went to when I’d had enough of the pretty – but cold – Blue Mountains. Well I’d found a coastal town called The Entrance, not much of a detour towards my plan for the following day.


Out there the temperature was back to lovely and I’d scored myself a huge apartment close to the water, so everything was just perfect! And as if that wasn’t enough I was rewarded with the prettiest sunset slash moonrise.



The next day it was back on track with my original itinerary so I headed to Port Macquarie (which thanks to yesterdays drive was only about three hours away). I drove straight to Tacking Point Lighthouse a little outside Port Macquarie as I wanted to take on at least part of their coastal walk (it runs for 9 kilometres one-way so 18 kilometres in total unless you don’t need your car back). The lighthouse was cute and I hung out there for a little while I ate my packed lunch and tried to spot whales.


I did see some whales but they were so far out that despite using my binoculars I have no idea what they were.
The coastal walk was equally pretty and sweat-inducing. The path went up and down with the only flat parts being on the beaches so after about 3 kilometres I called it quits and turned around.



I know they’re smart enough to use the metric system down here (so we just need to work on which side of the road they’re driving..) but are we really sure it’s the same kind of kilometres they’re using? Theirs feel very much longer!


I arrived at my hotel in Port Macquarie just in time for yet another magnificent sunset! And to top if all off I had a wonderful balcony I could enjoy it from!



I mean even in daylight the view wasn’t too shabby, right?


The next morning I was on the move again, this time the destination was Byron Bay. I made a short stop along the way; just outside Coffs Harbour there’s a viewpoint called Sealy Lookout that was supposed to be really nice, so naturally I had to stop by that. While it was a great view from up there I’m not quite sure I’d say that the 20 minutes drive on narrow winding roads in poor condition to get there was worth it. So maybe just admire my photos and then don’t go there yourself (you’re welcome!)? (I might have a few more photos if you don’t consider the two below quite enough for you to skip the trip.)



I reached Byron Bay in the early afternoon and headed straight for the Byron Bay Lighthouse Track which is yet another walking track centered around (you guessed it) a lighthouse.



Once again the coastal walk included plenty of stairs (I shouldn’t be surprised by now..) but also even better views. This time it was a round walk which is just so much more fun! I started out passing by one of the beaches of Byron Bay and just as expected there were plenty of surfers in the water!


The track continued towards the most easterly point of the Australian mainland.


It was also around this point that it started to be possible to spot whales every now and then. This time the whales were closer to the shore – I said closer, not close! So despite my zoom lens and some more zooming on the computer I’ve only got two photos where it’s kind of possible to see the whales.



So the tail is a humpback whale, which makes sense as they’re usually migrating this time of the year. The other one I’m not sure about? But I think it might also be a humpback whale.
There were actually quite many whales that day, but maaaan they’re fast! I was swapping back and forth between camera and binoculars and constantly a step behind. But that’s just what whalespotting is like I guess..
Then lighthouse admiration is a lot easier, I mean they just stand there waiting for you photograph them in their lovely surroundings.



When I planned this whole trip I’d found Byron Bay to be crazy expensive to stay in, so I’d settled on a hostel figuring that I could cope with one more night in a dorm room. Byron Bay is very popular among backpackers and surfers and this hostel was definitely more party-oriented than the one I stayed at in Sydney! I was there on a Friday and really wasn’t in much of a party mood, so in the late afternoon I escaped to Byron Bay CrossFit for a Friday night workout.



After one more workout Saturday morning it was on to Brisbane to visit my friend, Stine, from back home..