Warning: Contains pictures so cute that your heart is going to melt a little.

Last winter my friend Stine (whom I know from crossfit and the occasional mud bath slash obstacle course run) told me that she wanted to do a semester in Brisbane and that sort of kickstarted my travel plans. Like most people I’ve always dreamed about going to Australia, just not really knowing when that someday would be. But with Stine spending six months here I got the ‘excuse’ I needed.



Since Stine had to finish some homework before I arrived I just squeezed in one last workout at Crossfit Byron Bay before I typed Brisbane into Google Maps.
Stine and Isabella (they study together both in Denmark and Australia) study at QUT and live very close by. They’ve rented the coolest apartment in the middle of Brisbane CBD (Central Business District) and the best part: I could stay there while visiting.
The rest of the Saturday was spent taking a relaxing stroll around the city centre.



After talking back and forth about possible plans for Sunday Stine and I landed on a quick visit to Noosa Beach a couple of hours north of Brisbane (note to next time: get moving a bit earlier so you don’t end up spending more time in the car than at your destination!). Bella had too much homework to do so we had to leave her at home in front of the computer all day.
Noosa seemed like a charming little coastal town although quite popular among tourists and people escaping to the beach on a Sunday. And a quick little nap on the beach never hurt no one on such a Sunday afternoon, ZzzZzz..



On the way home we took a minor detour to Eat Street Northshore in Brisbane. It’s a street food market with all kinds of food and drinks, a couple of stages with live music and it was so so pretty with all the lights. Definitely one of the highlights of my time in Brisbane!





On Monday we started the morning with the most delicious Eggs Benedict down by the river before Stine and Bella had to go to class. Luckily I had better plans: a date with some cuties at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.



The koalas were so adorable! I apologize for the photo overload but I really can’t choose between the many many photos I snapped.





Koalas are not (supposed to be) very active because the eucalyptus they eat is fibrous and low in nutrition – by the way there are over 600 types of eucalyptus in Australia but koalas only like 50 of them – but to me they seemed to move around a lot. Well some of them did sleep (don’t get how they can sleep while clinging to a stick?) but others roamed around.





On my way to Brisbane I’d seen at least three dead kangaroos on the side of the road (I’ve seen a lot more since then) so it was really fantastic finally to see some alive ones too.



The kangaroos all stay together in a fenced area where visitors can go in. Part of the area is then closed for the humans so the ‘roos have a place to retract to. It’s possible to byu kangaroo food which makes it a lot easier to make new furry friends!
Most of the kangaroos were quite tired and lazy in the heat (can’t really blame them!) but like most of us they’re just way more photogenic when they’re standing up so the few that were up and about were quite popular!




I’ll admit that most of my time by far was spent with the koalas and the ‘roos but I did also pay a short visit to the emus, platypuses and the wombat.



Luckily Stine only had to be in school till noon on Tuesday so afterwards we went to Streets Beach in South Bank, which is Australia’s only inner-city, man-made beach. The weather was lovely and it was so nice to just relax and hang out for a little while considering the following days more hectic plans.






The next morning all three of us went out for one more round of Eggs Benedict (at another place of course so for comparison you know..) before I headed to Hervey Bay and they to school.
There is a small chance that we might meet up in Cairns before I go home but it depends on their plans for spring break which they haven’t quite figured out yet.

  1. mm og mf says:

    Hej kære Christine, endnu et dejligt afsnit af din fantastiske rejse! Du havde ganske ret! Vi blev helt bløde i knæene og om hjertet over koalaerne. Var du ikke lidt bange for kænguruen? De sparker jo. Og du har stadig perfekt vejr, hvilket vi i den gamle verden ikke ligefrem kan prale af.
    Knus fra mm og mf

    • Christine says:

      Hej mm og mf,
      Næh, jeg var slet ikke bange for kænguruerne for jeg havde helt glemt at de kunne sparke! Men når der nu ikke skete noget så var det jo meget smart, at jeg havde glemt det så jeg ikke var unødigt bange 🙂