The plane touched down in Bangkok Airport around 7AM and after getting through immigration I decided to treat myself with a taxi from the airport to Khao San Road (also known as the backpacker street). It was definitely not the fastest nor the cheapest option but it was the easiest although it was incredibly hard to stay awake after having no sleep on the plane at all. And I may or may not have closed my eyes briefly a couple of times during the ride.
Buddha View has an office close to Khao San Road where I had been told I could leave my bags for the day as I wasn’t getting on a bus to Koh Tao until 8.30PM.

People who know me will agree when I say that I’m not usually a fan on being completely unprepared when I’m going someplace new. And had I had the time during the last couple of months I would have definitely read a guidebook on Bangkok pointing out all the stuff I wanted to cram in to my 10 hours in the city. But having spent those months studying and working like a maniac I don’t even own a guidebook on Thailand.
I did however read a blogpost from one of my favorite travelbloggers Alex (’cause that I had time for..?). She had been to Siam Ocean World and I knew right away that I had to go there!
I figured since this could be my only visit to Bangkok this time I should probably also be a bit more cultural and so I started the day by heading out to find Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew.

Grand Palace 3
Grand Palace 5
Grand Palace 1
Grand Palace 2

As I hadn’t read much about either of the two places I mostly just enjoyed the amazing buildings, decorations etc.
So I’m also mostly going to spam you with photos.

Grand Palace 8
Grand Palace 4

Wat Phra Kaew is a temple and Bangkok’s tourist attraction number one. Grand Palace is located inside the area of Wat Phra Kaew and used to be the official residence of the King.
It was possible to rent an audioguide for 200 Baht but I chose not to.

Grand Palace 7
Grand Palace 6

Next up was Wat Pho which is located nearby Grand Palace.

Wat Pho 3
Wat Pho 5

Wat Pho is another famous temple in Bangkok and home to the reclining Buddha.

Wat Pho 1
Wat Pho 2

Wat Pho 4

Stay tuned for the next post on Bangkok to read about my visit to Siam Ocean World…

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