After having templed myself out (although I still missed some of the other famous ones) it was finally time for my visit to Siam Ocean World and so I jumped on bus 79 to Siam which is the retail epicenter of Bangkok.
The aquarium is located in the basement of Siam Paragon – a shopping mall which we have no match for in Denmark. It reminded me a lot about Dubai, it has the same extravagant stores and I could probably also easily get lost in Siam Paragon.

Once again I splurged and bought the Super Package ticket which besides admission includes some extra stuff. At 1100 Baht it’s quite pricey but the admission alone costs 900 Baht so I figured it was a lot of money either way.

Siam 4
Siam 5

The first extra thing in the Super Package was a tour behind the scenes of the aquarium. We didn’t hear much about the running of an aquarium so big (they claim to be the biggest in Asia) but we got a lot of facts on the sharks and some of the fish. For some reason photos were not allowed so I only got a quick shot taken while looking in the opposite direction.

Siam 1
Siam 2

Next thing up was a glass bottom boat tour around the sharks’ and rays’ aquarium (the pictures below were not taken from the glass bottom boat).

Siam 10
Siam 6

The aquarium with sharks and rays is their biggest thing and it can be seen from various views including a glass tunnel.

Siam 9

Siam 11

Don’t worry, Mum. Who would be taking the picture if I was one of the divers? I didn’t even dare ask for the price to go diving with the sharks – I think my budget suffered enough without.

I would like to apologise to the fishes that I accidentally kicked while they tried to eat my skin – I’m very ticklish. But I actually managed to sit still for several minutes, that’s quite an accomplishment for me!

Siam 8
Siam 7

The last thing on the agenda was the 5D cinema. I don’t think I’ll ever be a big fan of that – the 3D alone makes me a bit dizzy and when they add air blown in my face and shaking of my chair I just wanted to escape (don’t really know why I went in there in the first place – what had I expected?). But the movie was quite cute so I actually stayed till the end. It was basically about taking care of our oceans and not polluting which I, as a diver, of course find very important.

On my way back to the office it was like the universe wanted me to get more blogable stuff. Well the first part was my own fault as I thought I could just get the same bus back again and therefore didn’t leave the mall until an hour before the office would close. Since the bus had taken 15 minutes on the way out I figured it would be okay.
But then I couldn’t find the bus and the traffic was completely jammed so I figured it wouldn’t even help if I did. So I started walking and that’s when the universe thought it would be a much better blogpost and memory if it also started to rain. At first it was just heavy raindrops but it sort of escalated from there..


I partly walked, partly ran and partly swam my way back to the office and I was soaking wet. Why didn’t I take a taxi or a tuktuk? Well it wouldn’t make the same blogpost. Naah that’s not it, I just kept postponing it until the point where I was so wet that it wouldn’t matter.
Luckily (and that really is more luck than anything else) I didn’t slip or twist my ankle even though I was wearing flip-flops!

  1. bjørn rem says:

    Hej Mus,
    så blev du også vasket 😉

    Hvad er det for et theme du anvender?
    Har du uploadet en ny version af det hårdtkomprimerede billede? Det ser i hvert fald bedre ud på min hjemlige PC.
    IPAD’en har lidt problemer med dine billeder – de vil vældig gerne vises i portrait format, hvilket givers en tendens til hold i nakken. Jeg prøvede at finde en løsning til dig, men jeg ved ikke nok om WP og/eller dit theme – eller måske bare ikke i det hele taget …?

    Mormor og Morfar havde problemer – de fleste billeder vises slet ikke i deres IE (ukendt version, men sikkert gammel). De kan dog se det hele med Firefox. Derudover får de ny PC i morgen, og så er der garanteret ikke flere problemer der.

    Fantastiske billeder du tager – og du får roser fra alle sider for dit sprog.

    Godnat Skat

    • Christine says:

      Hej Far

      Så blev der endelig tid til at sidde foran computeren igen. Jeg har dog ikke haft tid til at kigge på problemerne endnu og når det heller ikke i aften.
      Det er Custom Community themet jeg bruger.
      Hvordan går det med alle billedproblemerne?


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