I’ll start by apologising that you’ve had to wait so long for this post but I’ve been busy diving and having fun!

Island life_9

It only took me a couple of hours to get on island time (where you never know what day or time it is and not really care). In some ways it feels like I’ve been here forever and that it’s not only five days since I stepped off the Lomprayah speed catamaran that took me (and loads of other backpackers) from Chumphon on the mainland to the diver’s paradise Koh Tao. But in other ways time flies by so fast and I can’t believe that it’s already a week since I sat down in my flight seat. Either way this must mean that it’s about time I let you know a bit on what my island life is like.

Island life_7

There are three villages on Koh Tao: Sairee, Mae Haad and Chalok Baan Kao. I live in a guesthouse in the latter of the three villages which is located on the south tip of the island. I can walk down to Buddha View in approximately six minutes. As you can see on the pictures I have really nice room (or actually two nice rooms). I’ve rented it for a month so far and when that is over I might look around for something a bit more basic. I don’t spend much time at home anyway so there is no real reason for all this space.
The room comes with cold showers, a fan, tv and a fridge (I haven’t used the last two things yet). And of course a large bed that might be made out of concrete – why do they have to make the beds so hard here?

Island life_1
Island life_2
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Island life_5
Island life_6

The life and routines at Buddha View are quite different from what I’ve been used to. The two most remarkable differences are probably the size of the dive center and the fact that the dive boats are not right in front of the dive center.
The boats are down at the pier and when you go diving you therefore pack all your equipment in a bag and jump on the back of a car that will take you down there. When on the boat you pick one of the many tanks lined up and start assembling your gear. I think it’s probably done like this in many dive centers around the world but it’s definitely new to me.
The large size of the dive center also means big dive boats. Buddha View has three dive boats: small, medium and big. So far I’ve only seen the big and the medium boat and their huge compared to what I’ve been used to in Sri Lanka. At first I was not really a fan of the size of the boats because they can take so many people that it easily seem a bit too commercial and there is always a lot of people you don’t know. I think the big boat can take around 60 divers. But there are without a doubt some great advantages that come with these boat sizes! But you’ll have to wait to hear about them when I do a proper post on the boats some day..

Island life_10

So just to mark that I’m still Danish I’ll tell you a bit about the weather which honestly has been a little disappointing so far. I’m starting to sense a pattern as the first three weeks in Sri Lanka back in December/January were cloudy and rainy despite it being the dry season and now it’s the same weather here on Koh Tao. But don’t get me wrong I still prefer it over Denmark as it’s probably around 25-30 degrees. I hope to see the sun soon though.

Island life_8

This post has been a bit all over the place so I can’t really come up with a good way to round it off other than to say that I hope you’re doing great back home. I know I am!

  1. Charl. says:

    Like like like like like like 🙂
    Skulle hilse og sige at det nu egentlig også er pænt varmt her i dk OG solen skinner 😉
    Meeeeeeen det ville nu også være fedt at sidde med lille Magni i favnen på en ø uden at skulle tænke på tid og dag, men Per løber efter kolde drikke i nærmeste bar 🙂

    • Christine says:

      Vi har også endelig fået solskin her nu! Det er åbenbart meget normalt at der er et par uger i juni hvor det regner osv., men det ser ud til at vende nu. Så mangler vi bare at vinden lægger sig så man ikke bliver kastet helt så meget rundt på bådene.
      Hvordan går det ellers med lille Magni? 🙂

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