When I told you about all the requirements that have to be met before one can be qualified as a divemaster there was one last little thing I didn’t mention: the snorkel test. Although the PADI manual doesn’t say anything about this test it is a commonly known way to finish the divemaster course.

Needless to say as a DMT at Buddha View the snorkel test takes place at our own beach bar “Buddha on the Beach”. It is a slightly altered version of a classic beerbong as it entails a mask, a snorkel and as many generous DMTs, instructors and other friendly people as possible who will donate some of their beer or drink into the bucket that goes around. If anybody has forgotten then a mask does not allow you to breathe through your nose and the lovely drink will enter through the snorkel so I doubt that it’s a pleasant experience. But it sure is funny to watch and a great way to start a party.
Just a couple of days after I got to Koh Tao it was time for Mike, Fran and Tyler’s snorkel tests which kicked off a long and fun night that I only slightly regretted when I was sat at rescue theory class the next morning after approximately 3 hours of sleep.


Almost all nights are spent going out to eat with some of the other DMTs and sometimes a few of the IDC candidates. Afterwards we often end up having a few beers either at “Buddha on the Beach” or “Bar Next Door” which ironically enough is right next door to Buddha View.
I think this is the first time in four days or so that I’m spending time alone without being asleep or taking a shower. There is always people around to have fun with which I find fantastic and just a tiny bit stressful because I never want to miss out on anything.
Although most nights will just have me casually drinking one or two beers some nights call for more than that like the one that started with a BBQ party for all the instructors, DMTs and IDC candidates (participants on the ongoing Instructor Development Course) and later had us dancing around at the Save Koh Tao Festival. The festival is an annual two day event that focuses on taking better care of the island and the water around it. During the two days there were plenty of events several places on Koh Tao and in the evenings the place to be was in the festival area in Sairee. It was basically like any other festival area with loads of small food stalls, a few stages with live music and various other (hilarious) things.
The first thing we stumbled upon was an area where people were dancing. There was a live band and the area was enclosed. They were very strict with how many people they let in even though the area was never even close to being crowded. During the song they would let a few more people in and when the song ended everybody had to leave the area and then it started over. We went in a couple of times and had a blast dancing around.
Our next stop was at a spot where people tried to push each other off a bar. Right next to it there were a couple of poles that several of the guys tried to climb up which caused many laughs.


We ended our night by watching what I think was meant to be the hottest band of the day “Titanium”. I’m guessing it was supposed to be a really good concert but it was hilarious!! I think they were four guys on the stage and the music was a weird mix of known tracks from the past few years although performed a bit different from what I’ve heard before.
To be honest it sounded awful but it was such a funny ending to a great night!


Tomorrow is the final day of the IDC which of course calls for a great celebration party with the theme “tribal party”..

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