One night a few days ago stands out from the rest as it had Kirsten, Tristan, Mark and me do our own little barbecue party. Well to be honest the others were pretty much in charge of the whole barbecue thing but I did thorough job on photo documenting almost everything (there really isn’t much to tell about the night so this will mostly be a picture post).
barbeque1We started out by heading to Mae Haad to do some food shopping. We went to several small roadside shops and bought fresh fish and prawns, sweetcorns, sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, lime and chili. Kirsten and I went ahead to Tristans place while the guys picked up charcoal. With the guys back it was time to start the fire..


Kirsten did a great job on preparing everything for the barbecue. The fish were filled with lime, garlic, chili and a little bit of garlic butter. The prawns were rubbed with garlic butter. The potatoes and onions were basically just wrapped in tinfoil and laid in the smouldering fire along with the sweetcorns.
Then followed the waiting for the delicious food to be cooked while drinking and having fun.
When the food was done it was time for the ultimate feast. It was so amazing and delicious!

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