So with a quick glance at the photos I’ve taken recently it seems like this post should be about some of the parties we’ve had – the party photos outscored the diving photos with 14-3 out of the photos that are worth sharing. So I’ll save the diving pictures for later and instead start telling you about the surprise party we had for Ashley the other night (well it might be a week ago in real time but Koh Tao time is different and does it matter anyway?).

Andrea had arranged the surprise party to be the night before Ashley’s birthday and it happened to also be Tom’s last night on the island making it all the more perfect. So we were quite a lot of people (including Ashley) who went to Lung Pae for a goodbye dinner for Tom. Lung Pae is a very nice restaurant up in the hills so it has quite a view during the day. After sunset it is mostly known for having very delicious steaks! Ashley had to go to work at Bar Next Door afterwards (or so she thought) and Laura offered to take her on the bike – they just had to make a quick stop at Laura’s house on the way. However the little detour had to be extended quite a lot since the rest of us had to wait a while for the cab to come and pick us up. But with some very random excuses Laura managed to postpone their arrival to Bar Next Door enough for the rest of us to go and hide inside the bar (this makes sense when you know that the bar is formed as a square).
Andrea had stayed home from Lung Pae and instead spent the time decorating Bar Next Door. So when Ashley finally came to the bar thinking that she was going to work we all jumped out and surprised her!! And it worked – she was genuinely surprised! And it was such a fun party afterwards with dancing on the bar and staying out till way too late.
The following day when we went diving in the afternoon Bonnie, Ashley and Kirsten didn’t feel up for diving and instead spent the time on the surface. Their inflated BCD’s kept them floating so they could enjoy a beer.
Lately we’ve also spent a couple of nights on the beach next to Bar Next Door practicing fire spinning.
Oh well some of the others are spinning fire, I’m enjoying watching it as I’ve so far felt too challenged with my motor skills to actually play with fire. It looks really awesome though! And since they’re all still quite new at it, it’s so much fun to watch.


Last night Andrea, John, Ed and I went to Hacienda in Mae Haad to play mini golf. This could sound a bit dull but since the majority of us were absolutely without talent it was hysterical! It wasn’t exactly made easier by the conditions of the courses which meant that none of them were leveled in any way.
And just to top it off we played with the goofy rules so at every course there was a wheel to spin. That wheel would give each of us an individual challenge slash benefit for that course. As an example that could be to play that course standing on one leg, play the first ball with your eyes closed or that if you complete in less than four shots then you can subtract two from your score or the best one (as long as you don’t spin it for yourself) that if you complete in four shots or more then you have to buy a drink for the other players.

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