I’ve said my goodbye to Koh Tao.. No let me refrase that as I’m becoming more and more certain that it was not a goodbye but a “see you again”. The question is just how fast I’ll be able to return?
It wasn’t easy to leave all the awesome people I’ve met over the past two months and seeing Koh Tao disappear in the horizon was a lot harder than I imagined it to be a couple of weeks ago!

Anyways two hours on the catamaran and nine hours on the bus later I’m now sat at the airport waiting for my flight which will leave in about six hours. Hopefully I’m meeting Chris for a cup of coffee in a couple of hours as we’re flying out around the same time.
But until then I have time to make a short recap of my time on the island:

  •  57 nights spent on Koh Tao
  • Way too much money spent on food and beer (well I think I actually managed to stay within my budget, the money was just spent a little different from how I expected)
  • 1100 pictures taken (probably only around 10% of those are worth seeing)
  •  20 blogposts written
  • Gazillion Pad Thais eaten (I guess that’s where all my money went)
  • Unknown number of amazing new friends

More diving related:

  • Dives done: 115 (averaging approximately two a day)
  • Number of Open Water courses I have assisted: 6
  • Number of Discover Scuba Diving courses I have assisted: 2 (one where I briefed, demonstrated and assessed the skills)
  • Number of Adventure dives I have assisted: 11
  • Number of Rescue courses I have assisted: 1
  • Number of fundives with customers I have assisted: 5
  • Number of fundives with customers I have been payed to do as a divemaster: 2
  • Time spent underwater: 82 hours and 21 minutes

On my condition right now (ranging from 1-10):

  • Need of shower overall: 8
  • Need of shower for my feet: 10
  • Sadness about having left Koh Tao: 13
  • Tiredness: 6 (surprising since I didn’t sleep much on the bus and I only had 3 hours of sleep during my last night on Koh Tao)
  • Happiness that I’m going to see my friends and family reasonably soon: 11
  • Boredom from waiting at an airport: 9 (sorry for this retarded list)

My adventure is not quite over yet as I’ll arrive in Paris in about 24 hours and after a night’s sleep I’ll find a train that can take me to whereever my parents must be. Spending about a week with them on their boat should be a nice way to easing myself back into the real world!