A little delayed I’m now ready to tell about the final challenge of the divemaster course: the snorkel test! I did it two days before leaving the island so the chronological order on the blog is a bit messed up now – my apologies.
Somehow it had ended up being a bit hyped up with so many people asking me all day if I was nervous about the evening.
Luckily Ben and Scott had agreed to do their test at the same time so I wasn’t alone which was such a relief. And what was even better was that Chris came to be in charge of it and he made a rule that only alcohol could be poured in to the buckets so we didn’t have to worry about tabasco, ketchup etc. And Baileys was also off limits (it becomes really gross when mixed with the rest)!
The night started out with free food at Hacienda for the IDC candidates and DMTs. After a couple of beers and a few rounds of pool most of us went to Buddha on the Beach for the highlight of the evening.


The purpose of the snorkel test is said to be simulation of drowning and as always when going diving it is necessary to have a buddy. In this case the buddy’s tasks involve getting the bucket filled by everybody at the bar, emptying it into the snorkel and then make sure that the divemaster gets home safe when the he/she is “out of air” aka too drunk. My buddy was (of course) Kirsten.
So Ben, Scott and I were sat in front of everybody at the bar (including one of the fundivers I had dived with that morning when I assisted on taking out fundivers) waiting for our buddies to get out buckets filled and then it was time to gear up.


The masks are completely blinded and with everybody cheering, talking and laughing it’s impossible to know what’s going on as soon as the mask is on. A quick countdown later and the snorkel test was started!


I was expecting the beer (slash whatever was in the bucket) to keep coming through my snorkel at an insane pace but instead found myself trying to signal to Kirsten to pour faster. One thing I on the other hand wasn’t expecting was to have such a shower in beer. It turned out that the two things were related as my equipment was malfunctioning – or, well, the snorkel would probably be fine for actual snorkeling but because of the splash guard on top that can prevent water coming in when snorkeling in waves it just rejected all the alcohol if Kirsten didn’t pour really really slowly.
It was very confusing as I had no idea how far Ben and Scott were and what was actually going on with my snorkel, I could just feel all the alcohol in my hair and down my back and hear people screaming and laughing. I still don’t know how well I did as I actually quit after only half of my bucket but people told me I did good? It still doesn’t make any sense to me. I did however finish the last quarter of Scott’s bucket afterwards so don’t worry, I wasn’t left thirsty!
As a conclusion I’ll say that it wasn’t as bad as I had feared and with most of the alcohol in my hair I didn’t have to go and make myself puke afterwards to avoid being too drunk. A shower would have probably been a good idea instead but with more beer and fun at Bar Next Door I quickly forgot about that!