I know it’s a classic thing to say but I can not believe that has already been 5 days since I left Denmark! There’s so many things to tell that I have no idea where to begin. So maybe it’ll be easier if I just start at the beginning.
So a mere 36 hours after locking the door to my apartment back home I put my feet on Tortola for the first time.

The 36 hours included three flights, five hours of sleep in New York and a ferry ride. Even though I had spent several hours of my last night in Denmark on packing, weighing my suitcase, unpacking, throwing things away, packing and weighing again repeated over and over again I still had approximately 1.5kg overweight. Luckily the British Airways lady in CPH didn’t even mention it. So the next obstacle was at 5.30am in JFK where I was checking in for my flight with American Airlines. I’m pretty sure that I was supposed to pay $25 just to be allowed any checked in luggage at all. But somehow I wasn’t charged for that and when the AA staff noticed my quite heavy suitcase he just said I had such a nice smile that he wouldn’t charge me – and it turns out that before 6am I’ll believe any compliment so I just smiled some more.
So overall it was a really good travel with plenty of iced lattes from Starbucks, almost no screaming babies on the planes and no delayed flights. I mean if we don’t count the fact that the flight to JFK landed early but we were then sat in the plane waiting 1.5 hours for a gate – at least we weren’t in that BA flight that left the gate, waited 45 minutes while they tried fixing some problems with the engine and then went back to the gate.
When I landed in St. Thomas I had about an hour and a half to kill at the ferry terminal so I sat watching the turquoise Caribbean Sea trying to avoid getting burned by the sun as my sunscreen lotion was in the suitcase I had just checked in for the ferry ride.
So I think now would be a good time for a little introduction to Tortola and the British Virgin Islands in general. The BVI consists of the main islands Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and Jost van Dyke along with over 50 smaller islands such as Cooper Island, Normal Island and Peter Island. With its 21 square kilometers Tortola is the biggest of the islands and it is also home to the capital Road Town. I live at Hodges Creek Marina which is towards the town called East End (also known as the ghetto of Tortola apparently). The island is very hilly and the roads are narrow so you don’t see many people getting around without a car – a big car that is! Although BVI is under British flag they use US dollars and unfortunately also measure everything in feet and pounds which is very confusing for me!
I’ll tell more about what it is that I’m actually doing here some other day but for now I’ll just say that I’m an intern at Sail Caribbean Divers. This means that I get to live at the intern apartment which is only a few minutes walk away from the dive center. But at the same time far from everything else! So five minutes after I was picked up when the ferry got in I was told that we were going to the supermarket and I should probably buy groceries for about a week. Having not seen the apartment and not really knowing anything about anything it was not the easiest task I could have been given. But so far it seems like I managed fairly good – I haven’t starved to death at least.


From wednesday on I’ll be sharing the apartment (which you can see on the pictures above) with another intern. At the moment she’s doing a sailing course so I’ve only met her when she slept here the first night. I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the whole room mate thing ’cause at the moment I have to admit that I quite like having the place to myself!

  1. mm og mf says:

    Hi Christine!
    Herligt at få post fra dig. Der ser i hvert fald dejligt ud på Tortola, og det var godt at høre, at du var kommet velbeholden frem. Du er jo en rejsevant ung dame (og vi ville også lade dig slippe uden overvægtbetaling). Nu bliver det så spændende at høre om roommatesituationen og ikke mindst om dykke-situationen.
    Knus og kram fra mm og mf

  2. Helle says:

    Hej Christine! Hvor herligt at du fortsætter din fantastiske blog, nu hvor du er på modsatte side af kloden end sidst :-)Jeg skal da lige have fat i et kort for helt nøjagtig at få styr på, hvor BVI ligger henne. Kunne se at du allerede har haft hovedet under vand med godt resultat, hvor er det bare super for dig. Mange knus til dig!