I’ve always felt that a big part of the joy of holidays is looking forward to it, doing research on the destination and counting the days to the departure (yeah it sounds a bit silly but if you’re only going away for a week then you might as well also enjoy the months leading up to that one week right?).
And while I still think that this applies for trips where I go along with friends or family, I’m no longer so sure about it when it comes to trips I’m doing on my own. I know for sure that I was very happy when I only had to wait for about five weeks from buying the flight ticket to leaving for my 6 Weeks in Heaven Sri Lanka. And back then I actually knew the people that I was going to spend the time with (I did however not really know what I was going to do or where exactly I’d be living).

Sunset HikkaduwaI have found these months leading up to my departure for Koh Tao equally filled with anxiety and anticipation as I have no real idea of what’s ahead of me. Over the last couple of months I’ve avoided thinking too much about it because I’ve been afraid that a. I would end up being nervous for no reason or b. reality will have no chance of beating the dreams that would form in my head.
But now it’s getting really close and I doubt that I can keep shutting my eyes for what’s right in front of me! I can however keep myself so stupidly busy that I won’t have time to be nervous which is exactly what I’m going to do.

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