Sorry to be cursing but it is freaking cold to dive around here! I have now taken to wear a short-sleeved rash guard, a long-sleeved rash guard, my own 2mm shorty wetsuit and one of the shop’s 3mm shorty wetsuit and I’m still a bit cold on the dives. I wish I’d known so I could have bought a warmer wetsuit back home but I obviously asked the wrong person (turns out the person I spoke to almost never goes diving so how would he know how cold it is in January?).

On wednesday which was my first day off I went for two fundives so I could bring along my camera. I didn’t come across that much spectacular but luckily a turtle decided to stop by us! Turtles actually seem to be everywhere around here which I highly appreciate.
I’ve had a few – let’s call them interesting – dives so far. My second dive was with a group of certified fundivers and one of the instructors. I was just tagging along to get to know the divesite and help out if needed. There was a bit of a current that day and eventually I had to go up with two divers who were getting low on air. Because one of them ran out of air quite quickly we had to go up on one of the old mooring lines instead of the one that our boat was actually moored at. But we could see the boat and as long as we had a line to hold on to during our three minute safety stop (at 5 metres depth) everything should be fine! Unfortunately the mooring line ended at 8-10 metres depth so we had to do our safety stop hanging midwater. Since the guy low on air had gone quite low I had started sharing my air with him (nothing unusual in that – that’s why you always have an alternate second stage as part of your regulator) which made the whole keeping-an-eye-on-the-boat-and-both-divers-while-trying-to-swim-against-the-current-and-still-not-turning-too-much-since-one-diver-is-attached-to-me a but difficult! I managed all of it until the last minute of the safety stop where I lost sight of the boat. But luckily we didn’t come up too far from the boat so it all ended very well. But it was definitely an interesting dive!
The other interesting dive was basically just a normal day with a group of certified divers who weren’t very attentive to following the group and then with the addition of a crazy current! So it wasn’t unusual or anything but just hard work to keep track of people and fighting a horrendous current that made me go through my air quicker than I have in a looong time.
I’ve also had to lead my first dive with three customers (and one of the staff members as I’m not checked out to do things on my own yet here at Sail Caribbean Divers). It was three very nice customers and one of them was just happy that I had spare weights to give him during the dive as he kept feeling he had trouble staying down. It was a divesite I’d never seen before so I had no idea what really to expect. But I was lucky enough for a both couple of stingrays to stop by us and no less than three turtles! And as if that wasn’t enough we also came across an octopus!!
So it was three very satisfied customers that came back on the boat. And I think I might have grown three inches when I overheard one of them telling his wife that I had been a great divemaster!!

  1. mm og mf says:

    Hej Christine, flotte fotos! Det er jo ikke til at vide, at de varme lande ikke er så varme alligevel. Vi håber du beholder din “ass”, så den ikke helt fryser af. Den er jo rar at have, når man skal sidde ned.

    Vi kan forstå, at der også er udfordringer for dig rent fagligt. Men det er vel trods alt det, der gør det spændende, når man skal prøve sig af og anvende alt det, som man har lært. Så er det hyggeligt, når man får ros.

    Det er fint, at du passer på alle de andre, men du passer sikkert også godt på dig selv.

    Stort knus fra MM og MF

    • Christine says:

      Hej MM og MF
      Den sidder heldigvis stadig cirka hvor den plejer 🙂
      Jeg gør alt hvad jeg kan for at passe på mig selv! Har heldigvis ikke haft så mange “prøvelser” den sidste uges tid..
      Mange knus Christine