So there was this one day with no cruise ships arriving at all (or at least not any cruise ships with guests who wanted to go diving or snorkeling) and almost no other people booked for diving which meant that a bunch of us all had the day off.

Then there was this one day where the usual blue sky was replaced by grey clouds covering the top of the hills and several rain showers.

Obviously those two days both had to take place yesterday – my long awaited day off!

It also happened to be Kelly’s birthday so plans had been made to go to the beach at Josiah’s Bay for the afternoon. So we didn’t let the menacing clouds stop us and around noon Kelly, Marcus, David and I left the base and drove to the supermarket to stock up on beers, chips and meat for the barbecue before heading to the other side of the island.
Marcus and David spent a couple of hours surfing while Kelly and I sat in the sand drinking beers – quite a nice division of labour I reckon!


Later on Kim, Marcus B and Amie joined us and we lighted the barbecue. Steaks, cutlets, corn and bread all eaten with our fingers while sitting in the sand and drinking beer – life was definitely good!
Today is my other day off this week and I’ve been looking forward to it for quite a while! After I found the perfect combination of a coffee shop and internet at Cooper Island earlier this week I’ve wanted to go here.
So despite the weather not really being friendly today either I jumped on the boat heading to Cooper this morning. I plan on drinking loads of iced coffee while blogging and working on my master thesis (this time I actually mean it.. or well you know, we’ll see..)!

  1. mm og mf says:

    Hej Christine
    Vi har kun vejrudsigten fra Charlotte Amalie her, men går ud fra, at det ikke ligger så fjernt fra dit vejr. Det ser jo egentlig meget godt ud med de 25 grader, som man har der. I hvert fald ser det nærmest himmelsk ud, når man sammenligner med vores minus 4 og en strid østenblæst.
    Men der er dejligt at se, at du hygger dig – og måske også får set lidt på specialet, selv om du er langt fra hands-on på betonen.
    Vi glæder os hver gang der er post fra dig.
    Ha’ det fortsat godt og sjovt.
    Stort kram fra mm og mf