On one of my days off I went to Virgin Gorda to see one of the top tourist attractions of the BVI: The Baths.

Virgin Gorda is only a 30 minute ferry ride away from Road Town and upon arrival there are buses waiting to take people to the south tip of the island where The Baths are located. (Picture below is of Road Town on Tortola and not of Virgin Gorda!)
The BVI National Park is known for its unique geological formations. Due to the volcanic origins of Virgin Gorda deposited granite has eroded into piles of boulders on the beach. The large boulders create caves, tunnels, grottoes and provide heaps of picturesque views.


A preview of the awaiting scenery is given on the path leading down to the beach as smaller boulders are everywhere making the walk a bit difficult at times. But the reward at the end of the path is amazing!
A path leads towards the caves but once inside all the boulders it seems like there is no fixed route to take – quite often I ended up at beautiful grottoes with the only option of going back the same way I came.


At times there were plenty of people around me and at others I was basically alone – I definitely preferred the latter but with all the climbing, squeezing myself through narrow openings and wading through water it also made me wonder if I was actually supposed to go that way. So finding stairs on my way made me very happy as it told me I wasn’t completely off.


I had brought my mask and snorkel with me and went for a bit of snorkeling before heading back up to have lunch at Restaurant Top of The Baths. The food wasn’t amazing but the cocktail I had was delicious and since it was my first time eating out in the BVI I enjoyed it quite a lot.
There really isn’t much more to say about The Baths but I can’t resist showing off with more pictures of the beautiful area..

  1. mm og mf says:

    Hej Christine!
    Du får da set noget derovre. Hvor er der flot! Pudsigt at tænke sig, at din mor og far har sejlet rundt netop dér, dengang de var på de kanter.
    Det har faktisk mindet lidt om forår de seneste dage. Vi har ligefrem set solen. Rigtigt forår kan vi nok ikke skaffe til din hjemkomst, men vi gør os umage. Det må du tro.:-)
    Knus og kram fra os to

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