Friday it was finally time for me to leave Copenhagen and board the plane towards Los Angeles (with a very quick change of flight in London – apparently 1h20min was enough for both me and my suitcase to make it!).

Louise came to pick me up at LAX (needless to say that we were thrilled to see each other again..) and we drove towards The Cheesecake Factory before arriving at her apartment in Santa Monica.

The building Louise lives in

The building Louise lives in

We left Santa Monica again quite early Saturday morning and drove to San Diego with only a quick stop to get the mandatory iced latte for the trip.

Ready to hit the road towards San Diego

Ready to hit the road towards San Diego

The first plan was to go visit the former aircraft carrier USS Midway so we dropped the car off at their parking area. In an attempt to save $2 each on the tickets we decided to buy them online on the phone – not the best idea of the day as the email with the tickets took its time arriving. So we had to reverse the plan for the day and walked towards the city centre.



After picking up a SIM card for me and the key to our Airb’n’b room we grabbed some lunch and headed back to the USS Midway (with tickets on the phone this time!).
The Midway was an aircraft carrier that were first launched right after WWII and then served until 1992.
It has served as a museum since 2004 and it is truly impressive! There are audioguides included in the ticket price and along with the loads of signs on the ship there is probably information enough to keep one entertained for half a day! We took the “light tour” and skipped a few of the decks – the ship is HUGE!






San Diego’s skyline as seen from the Midway


Sunday meant GAME DAY! The reason to visit San Diego in the first place was the first game of the NFL season. San Diego Chargers were hosting Detroit Lions!
We arrived at stadium around 9.30 – three and a half hours prior to kickoff. Tailgating had already started so we spent a couple of hours wandering around whilst admiring the fans’ effort.




At 1.05pm we were sat in our very sunny seats ready for kickoff. The National Anthem were performed by Marlana Vanhoose whilst members of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps unfolded an American flag that covered the entire football field. At the end of the anthem the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar conducted a military flyover with three fighter aircrafts.
It was SO american! And SO magic and amazing that goosebumps were everywhere despite the heat!






The first half wasn’t amazing for the Bolts (nickname for the Chargers) and at halftime the score was 21-10 in favor of the Lions. But the Chargers made a strong comeback after the halftime and shut the Lions’ offense almost completely down.


The spirit in our section was really good and I think I gave more highfives (to the people nearby) that afternoon than in my entire live up until Sunday!
The Chargers won 33-28!

Chargers win!!

Chargers win!!

  1. MM and MF says:

    Kære Christine,
    Knus og tak for din første USA-beretning. Vi har slugt den – dejlige billeder. Rigtig spændende at se, hvor Louise bor. I dag er du startet på din store tur. Vi kan bare ønske alt godt. Glæder os til at høre nyt.
    Kærlige hilsner – også til Louise, når du snakker med hende.
    MM og MF

    • Christine says:

      Hej MM og MF
      Jeg håber på at kunne vise jer mere fra Louises neighborhood når jeg vender tilbage til Santa Monica om 2½ uges tid.
      Jeg ankom sent i eftermiddags til et dejligt hotel i Kingman og nu slapper jeg af oven på en lang dag 🙂
      Mange knus