Monday morning Louise and I went back to the airport to pick up my car.

2015-09-18 16.59.41-1

I got to choosebetween a wide range of cars which I suppose would have been nice had I known what to look for when picking the car. I ended up choosing a Hyundai Sonata in a red/burgundy color which makes it easy for me to spot it in a parking lot (that has already been useful several times since I tend to get lost from my car).

I’m not sure I believe in this Californian drought everbody’s talking about ’cause I woke up in the middle of the night between Monday and Tuesday to the sound of heavy rain. And it continued to rain while I packed the car Tuesday morning. And while I slowly moved through the LA morning rush hour (the first 13 miles seriously took med an hour – should’ve left earlier..). The heavy rain followed me all the way to about 15 minutes outside Palm Springs where it took a short break – only to start again just as I was on my way back to the car after a quick coffee run til Starbucks. Since I was driving I have no photos of the crazy rain but you HAVE to believe me – crazy I tell ya’!

From Palm Springs I drove towards Joshua Tree Park even though I was seriously contemplating if it would be worth it in that weather. I wasn’t overexcited with the park but it definitely was a strange scenery and there were actually times where the rain took a break long enough for me to get out of the car!




Joshua Trees along the road



Between Joshua Tree and Kingman (where I was staying the night) I encountered the most deserted roads in my life. Long distances with no other cars in sight and cell service was not to be found (since then I actually think I’ve had more time without cell service than actually with but at that time it was all very new).


In the middle of nowhere

Kingman is one of the old Route 66 towns and it’s still a bit of a junction for both railways and roads. I got there late afternoon and was quite exhasted from a long day of drivingĀ  so I only took a short walk along the highway. From what I saw the town seemed to be mostly fastfood restaurants and not very interesting. But the hotel I stayed at had several cool wall paintings with Route 66 related things.




The next morning I left Kingman via the original Route 66 and made a stop at the old Hackberry Generel Store. It no longer functions as the gas station it once was but it is filled with old Route 66 memorabilia and old cars (some cooler than other). And different stuff that people have left there such as a Danish police uniform.










I had one more stop on Route 66 planned: the Grand Canyon Caverns. But since this post is already quite long and photo-heavy I will make a separate post on the caverns.