I was reluctant to leave Springdale and Zion but I had a few things planned that could help make up for it. First up that day was a quick visit to Valley of Fire State Park.


It is supposed to have several fun rock formations but I only got out of the car to see Elephant Rock – partly because I was lazy and it was quite hot outside the car’s AC and partly due to a tight schedule (Valley of Fire was a last-minute idea I got a few days earlier).

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock



Next up on the itinerary was 2,480,000 cubic meters of concrete – also known as Hoover Dam.
I went on their short Powerplant Tour which started out with a short introdoction video followed by a visit to the powerplant.

The turbines in one of the two wings of the powerplant

The turbines in one of the two wings of the powerplant



I’m not sure if it were real tour guides or they’ve already started using robots for that sort of things.. They sure did sound like they were on autopilot but at least we were told a few interesting facts such as the width at the base of the dam is astonishing 660 feet! At the top it’s only 45 feet – quite a difference, huh!? It was finished more than 2 years ahead of schedule, that doesn’t happen often (if ever?) anymore..
It was fascinating to see both the dam itself and the powerplant but I really could’ve wished for more compassionate tour guides!


Sunset in Las Vegas

Sunset in Las Vegas

My expectations for Las vegas were quite low and I had no real desire to see it but it made sense to stay there for a night and use it as a gateway to Death Valley. However after almost a week spent in small towns in Arizona and Utah it was truly nice to be back in the civilization with plenty of options.




I didn’t do much besides wandering The Strip both during daylight and at nighttime. It is a crazy place overflowing with temptations – and at first I actually wished that I’d planned more than one night there but when I returned to my hotel room that night after six hours of people EVERYWHERE I felt that I’d seen enough.





Las Vegas was just not really my cup of tea iced coffee.



Oh this? Just the view from my hotel room..

Oh this? Just the view from my hotel room..