My two and a half days/three nights in San Francisco were pretty jam-packed so I think I might have to split it into two separate posts.
On my way from Yosemite to SF I stopped by an outlet center so I didn’t arrive in SF till late in the afternoon. I was staying very close to Fisherman’s Wharf and I went for a walk around the neighborhood straight after checking in.

It’s definitely a hilly area to take a stroll in with Lombard Street flying right to the top of my list of the steepest streets I’ve seen in my life.







Then I just happened to stumble upon one of the cable car turnarounds just as they were slowly revolving one of the cars.



The next morning I started out by riding on one of the cable cars. Looking at the lines I saw at some of the stops later that day I’m very happy I did it in the morning where I didn’t have to wait at all.
I still don’t get how the cable cars are actually operated but it looked equally cool and strange! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos showing how it’s done but trust me – it didn’t look easy!

I was supposed to do a segway tour starting in Golden Gate Park at noon so I spent the rest of the morning slowly making my way across town just to find the tour being cancelled as I’d finally reached Golden Gate Park.
So I walked to the Painted Ladies near Alamo Square before starting to make my way back towards Fisherman’s Wharf.



At 6pm I was boarding the ferry to one of the most famous prisons in the world: Alcatraz.



Upon arrival at the island we were greeted by a tourguide and then led to the place where we could pick up an audioguide. And it was quite possibly the best audioguide in the world!




It is narrated by former prison inmates and it leads you all over the prison in the right order. Luckily I’d been one of the first people to start my audioguide which meant I was in front the whole time and therefore got to see most things without a heavy crowd of people also there. This defintely meant a lot as they really let a lot of people on the island at the same time!



Because I was doing the night tour I got to see both an amazing sunset and the San Franciscan skyline with all its lights.





The night tour also meant they had opened up the hospital ward and during the evening there were several opportunities to listen to the tour guides’ storytelling.


I was completely overwhelmed by the experience. Not only was it astonishing to see the prison itself, but the way the tour guides managed to frame the experience made it all the more extraordinary.

Luckily I managed to escape the prison so I didn’t have to spend the next 25 years out there! I mean, it’s without a doubt a fascinating place but definitely not a place I’d like to be held captive!

Right before I went to sleep I took a quick look at how long I’d walked that day: 17 miles – no wonder I was a little tired..